The best ways to Recovering WhatsApp Messages Online

For many of us, our WhatsApp account plays a vital role in the coordination of our day-to-day activities. From video call to sharing documents, video and image files, WhatsApp comes in handy just about anytime we need to pass across nearly any type of information. As such, it’s imperative for WhatsApp users to know how to recover WhatsApp messages after they’ve been mistakenly deleted, as this could save us a lot of worries in the nearest future.

In this article, we show you how to recover your WhatsApp messages online, regardless of how or why you lost them.

Method 1: Recovering WhatsApp Messages Online from Local WhatsApp Backup:

Your WhatsApp comes with a default backup setting that stores messages automatically on your device once every 24 hours. These messages are stored in the WhatsApp folder on your device for a maximum of 7 days.

To recover your WhatsApp messages online through the local WhatsApp backup, uninstall your WhatsApp, and then reinstall it using the same number you used for the account which you want to recover messages from.

Note that when reinstalling, your device may attempt to recover files only from Google Drive instead of your Local Backup folder, so you need to deactivate the Google account that was used in configuring your device.

If everything falls in place as it should during the reinstallation, a page pops up notifying you of an identified backup.

Tap ‘Restore’ and WhatsApp will automatically recover all your deleted messages. But note that messages that have been corrupted or deleted because of a system crash or malware attack might not be recovered.

Method 2: Recovering Deleted WhatsApp Messages Online Via Google Drive

It’s better and much more advisable to recover WhatsApp messages online through Google Drive, as the data saved on Google Drive is more secure than those saved locally on the device, which might be corrupted by attacks from malware and viruses. Also, when you use Google Drive to back up your WhatsApp messages, you’ll be able to access your WhatsApp account and messages when switching phones seamlessly.

Also, when you use Google Drive to back up your messages, your messages get saved automatically at all times, whereas your messages are backed up only once in 24 hours when you backup your messages locally. However, you need a stable internet connection for your messages to be synced automatically with your Google Drive account. Find out more how to spy on whatsapp messages android for free via NEXSPY.COM

To recover WhatsApp messages online using Google Drive

Activate Google Backup, and then uninstall your WhatsApp. Note that since your device searches for backup files on Google Drive automatically when reinstalling WhatsApp, you need to make sure that the Google account you use to configure your device is the same used to create the backup.

Reinstall WhatsApp and then configure the app using the same phone number you used when creating the backup on your Google Drive.
You should see a screen popping up to notify you that Chat backup has been identified. Tap the ‘restore’ button, and WhatsApp will begin to recover your messages automatically.

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