How to know if Facebook spy on your phone calls?

New allegations against Facebook reproach him for listening to the conversations of its members via the microphone of their phone, especially to better target its advertising.

Is it true that Facebook is spying on its users, or is it another urban legend?

Communication professor at the University of South Florida Kelli Burns believes that the social network Facebook listens to discussions between its users. This listening, according to the professor, aims to better identify the needs and desires of consumers to optimize the targeting of advertisements.

Facebook has refuted these accusations by the voice of its vice president of advertising Rob Goldman, who reiterated that the social network does not spy on its members and does not listen to their conversations live for advertising purposes. He reminded, however, that the Facebook application can access the microphone of the smartphone, and after obtaining the consent of the user, when an option or feature requires the capture of sound.

In its Help pages, Facebook assures that it does not record the conversations of its members, but that it uses the audio function to identify the nature of the sound emitted by their phone in order to broadcast it more quickly and easily. The social network can also automatically recommend similar content to its users.

It is the application of an emerging technology known as ” Acoustic fingerprint “. The popular Shazam app, which uses this technology, identifies from a sample of a song its singer and his albums.

Facebook is technical, like any smart developer of a mobile application, able to listen to the conversations of its users. Beyond the absence of irrefutable evidence that supports these claims against the social network, Facebook has more economical and more effective means of ” social analytics ” (like the analysis of “like”, comments and publications of its members) that listening to voice exchanges. These require laborious and expensive analysis. Go to and learn more how to hack fb password without changing it

Facebook is hungry for data about its users, and even about users who are not registered. But the gargantuan curiosity of the social network goes so far as to spy on what they say on the phone (with the Facebook app).

One hears the phenomenon over and over again: There one talks to friends over the phone about a series, the odd curling shoes or the purchase of a couch – and suddenly Facebook displays advertising for the corresponding products. Again and again, corresponding anecdotes appear in the circle of friends or colleagues and on Internet platforms. The obvious suspicion: Facebook listens to the talks. But is that really true?

The fact is: The social media giant is represented with its apps on almost every smartphone. Be it with the Facebook app, the associated messenger or the subsidiary companies Instagram and Whatsapp. And: All these apps ask the user for permission to use the microphone. But are you snooping with it?

hat’s behind the eavesdropping

On a request of stern did not react Facebook. In a statement published on its own blog, the company denies the allegations, however, and emphasizes not to use recorded conversations for advertising purposes.

The accusation has indeed a real background: In the US, Facebook has been cutting the ambient noise since 2014, although according to their own information with some restrictions.

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