Top 10 Best Free Spy Apps For Android – Undetectable

Do you often hear about all the incidents of children being bullied or harmed because of social media? Or are you bothered by the time that your employee spends on their phone recently? For sure, you want to make sure that you and those who are close to you are protected from any harm.

A lot of people search for spy applications every day. Nevertheless, not each search bears fruit. As a matter of fact, most of these people fall into scam websites in the trap of ‘free spy apps'. Once they are already on such websites, they're led to a series of surveys and human verification, which asks them to try various applications.

Downloading these so-called free spy apps not just wastes their time, but may also infect their systems with viruses. This often results in getting spied on and having their personal data stolen. That is the reason why there's a need to know which among these iOS or Android spy apps are secure and which are not.

To help you out in this regard, we have compiled a list of the best free hidden spy apps for Android that you may refer to. These spy applications do not just work, but they’re also the best options available on the market. you’ll surely love what some of them can do. Without further ado, let us get things started!


If you are looking for a reliable spy application that you can trust, this one is worth your try. It is actually one of the best spy apps for Android undetectable, which allows you to track GPS locations, phone calls, read e-mails, SMS messages, and monitor various social media accounts, among others.


What’s even astounding about NEXSPY is that it is compatible with all smartphones and operating systems. Numerous users have also evaluated its functionality and effectiveness as the best free hidden spy apps for Android.

It’s perfect for parents in monitoring their children’s devices without them knowing. It is also beneficial for employers to monitor their employees on what they are doing on the company phones or tablets distantly.

This amazingly reliable application has now become one of the most acknowledged monitoring applications in the spy app industry. This is primarily because it has a lot of amazing reviews, an extremely reliable technical support, which is available 24/7, and even comes with greatly advanced features – all at an equally reasonable price.


  • Easy to access control panel
  • Keylogger
  • Messages, calls, and internet browser logging
  • GPS tracking


  • It offers 3-day free trial
  • Can spy on social media applications
  • Undetectable and untraceable
  • Works silently in the background


  • You need to install the app on the target phone

2. mSpy

Next to NEXSPY is mSpy – a spying tool that is widely available online. Just like NEXSPY, it makes parenting much easier for parents. It also has various features that make it stand out from other parenting apps available out there, which includes accessing the target phone's location, messages, call logs, and more.


It also works silently in the background, monitoring the target device while staying silent – thus it is completely untraceable and undetectable. It's also available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, etc. This application is also compatible with all the messaging apps.


  • Keylogging feature
  • Compatibility to most popular smartphone apps
  • mSpy Web Client to access contacts on the target phone


  • Compatibility with most of the popular operating systems
  • Undetectable as it works on the background silently
  • May provide keyboard strokes and activity data
  • Access to various social media apps


  • No secret camera activation
  • No ambient recording and call recording
  • You need to install the app on the target phone

3. Hoverwatch

If you are in the search of a spy app that has multiple features, then you should try this. It is an Android-based app, which specializes as a parental control app and monitoring app, where employers and parents that belong to a multiple organization may watch each and every move of their employees or children.


It also enables you in viewing messages, call logs, and various social media activities, among other activities on the target phone. Furthermore, it works in secrecy from basic through advanced smartphone OS. This app also comes with a screenshot feature to gain accurate information, with complete time stamps and contexts.


  • Complete compatibility with all Android devices
  • Real-time screenshots
  • Compatible with multiple browsers, including Brave, Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Edge, etc.
  • WEB view support


  • Location tracking
  • Browsing history
  • Message tracking
  • Access to information from multiple apps and social media apps
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ease of use


  • The tracking ability and location tracking isn’t that accurate and up to the standards
  • You need to physically access the device to install the app

4. AppSpy

This monitoring app is available on the internet, worldwide. It is primarily designed to work as a silent parental control app for Android phones.


It also has some innovative features, which allow monitoring on social media applications and messages like Line, Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc.

It's only designed for Android OS, hence it's just compatible with Android OS users. You may see the location and travel history of the target with the app's location on the map.


  • Gives push notifications
  • Supports Line, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc.
  • SMS monitoring
  • GPS location and details
  • Supports SMS commands


  • Can handle more than one device at a time
  • Simple design
  • Easy remote access
  • Undetectable


  • Compatibility is limited to android OS smartphones only

5. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is a spying app that is primarily made for parents, who have concerns about their children's online activities. This app is essential in protecting them from damaging content, as well as for employers who are in need of something that may unceasingly notify them and provide them insight regarding their employees' activities.

Mobile Spy

Moreover, this application also has its surveillance functionalities and features. It’s so strong that they may keep track, record, al calls, and create logs from the target device. You may also access contact lists, track a cell phone location with GPS, access text messages, and many other features.

Aside from that it also has strong administrative functionalities, which enables and allows the admin to restrict the kid's and employee's screen time and to limit internet access and usage of the web.


  • Report generation
  • Multilingual interface
  • Call and text interception
  • Log creation and record management


  • Compatibility is broad with all the Android devices
  • Free app updates provided the app stays active
  • Easy to use and install
  • Undetectable on the target device


  • Not all its features are available over its free version

6. TheTruthSpy

This reliable spy app is simple to use, accurate, and effective. In spite of its amazing features, it’s famous for something else – its ability to support traceability.


Put simply, it works by way of installing a small bot on the target’s phone and there it will show no trace of an app being installed and it works as a background service in the OS.

It will stay undetectable and hidden being harmless and silent to the smartphone’s performance. It is also a great app if you wish to know what your children are doing.


  • Ability to connect multiple devices
  • GPS tracking
  • All-access dashboard
  • Simple, good-looking, easy-to-use interface


  • Creates daily reports and logs with notifications
  • Amazing accuracy for the tracing and tracking of location
  • Provides complete details essential for the monitoring of children
  • The silent app works in secrecy
  • Direct access buttons to social media and message application activities


  • Only available for Android

7. Spyera

It is one of the latest Android monitoring apps released in 2019. It's capable of multi-functionalities aiding smartphone monitoring.


Several major features of this software involve listening to sounds around the smartphone, tracking real-time location, eavesdropping on communications while staying undetected, reading emails, messages, chats, contact lists, and many more.

The SpyEra may allow all the features one may expect from the latest mobile app and software generation, while also featuring numerous other functions and features.


  • Check phone battery levels, usage, and performance indicators
  • Add or remove applications remotely
  • Access spy cameras, pry on calls
  • Easy to use
  • Control program remotely and regular features of the device


  • A large number of spying features
  • Highly advanced design


  • Some features, which involve access to the hardware may cause lag to the phone
  • Needs rooting the android device
  • Needs more memory and space

8. SpyFone

This next-generation spy app for Android is undetectable. It keeps an eye on your employees or even your kids. When you use this tool, you might be able to view every outgoing, incoming, and missed calls on the target phone. You only need to enter the information about the device to begin the spying experience.


It doesn’t take too long for you to set it up, all you need to do is to enter the credentials of the target. This is even without touching the target phone physically. You also access any kind of information easily from the wide variety of options that are available from the interface of the app.


  • Limit internet usage using the volume limitation feature
  • Restriction on the application usage
  • Direct access to the assets of the target phone


  • Undetectable and hidden
  • Blocks harmful apps, content, and websites
  • Take regular notices on browser history
  • View complete info about the device and its activities
  • Handle multiple devices at a time


  • Some features, which involve access to the hardware may cause lag to the phone

9. Appmia

The distinctiveness of this application lies in the way it works and that is how it's referred to as one of the top 10 best free spy apps for android undetectable. This spy app allows you to read someones text messages without their phone.


This app enables you to have a look at someone's activities on a daily basis. This includes their phone messages, social media activities, phone calls, multimedia files, as well as listen and record to live calls, track location, emails, use the camera remotely, and more.

It sure is a fair piece of software that carries out the basic monitoring for anyone's android device or smartphone.


  • 2 devices can be monitored at a time
  • Offers free support and upgrades
  • Hacks using exploit devices and payloads


  • Compatible with most devices, including Symbian and Blackberry
  • Easy to use
  • A wide variety of features
  • It guarantees complete privacy and secrecy of its user


  • No blocking feature available
  • Without root only a few features are functional
  • A free version is available, but only with limited features

10. PhoneSheriff

If you think someone is violating your own privileges and privacy of calling, browsing the web, and sending text messages, then this may be a good spy app. It can monitor your android tablet or phone performance, background services, activities, and tasks.


With this app, you may restrict and block access effortlessly, especially with inappropriate content. This is essential in tracking your children’s phone activities, just like their saved pictures, call history, and some other media, among other stuff.


  • Anti-abduction mode
  • Compatible with a lot of smart TV stations, android devices, and even iOS
  • Monitors harmful app installed on the target phone
  • Create an overall statistical view
  • Record real-time data in many formats


  • Can remotely restore devices to their factory settings
  • Manage more than one device remotely
  • Stays undetected as a parental app
  • It guarantees complete privacy and secrecy of its user


  • The target must have its GPS location enabled to track the location
  • Lesser compatibility with few brands
  • Can’t track the location of some smartphones
  • Needs root

What is the best app for spying?

If we were being honest with you, the best free spy app for Android – undetectable is the one and the only NEXSPY. This spy app offers most of the astounding features in the market at a greatly practical cost. It also comes with a 3-day free trial, where you can try all the amazing features of the app for free!

Furthermore, it is also the best value for your money. You might find that the other apps are attractive, yet after a month or two, these applications might be so costly to afford.

NEXSPY is a package of necessary monitoring features, which come at a very reasonable price. Plus, they offer a 24/7 customer service support. They are always available to listen and address the concerns of their customers.

Just a reminder: Spying on someone’s phone without them knowing is illegal. We do not support this kind of activity and we suggest that you use these apps for legal tracking of employees and children only.

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